Oyster Vision 3 65cm Satellite System


The Oyster Vision Satellite Systems are the most popular Oyster Satellite systems, available in Autoskew / Manual Skew options, Single or Twin LNB Versions.

If you want to watch TV in your Motorhome / Caravan / Horsebox etc then the Oyster Vision range are just what you need, industry leading brand, German quality with excellent ease of use.

Simply press one button and be watching Television in a few minutes with no fuss or hassle.

As long as there is a satellite signal the Oyster Vision Satellite system will find it within minutes. All fully automated and removing any requirement for messy, drawn out, all weather manual satellite aligning.

The Oyster Vision has a facility called LEM (Last Elevation Memory) which allows it to remember the elevation from the last time it was used and go back to it next time it is switched on, making the satellite search process quicker.

The Oyster Vision can be supplied for DIY Fitting or we can install the system for you at our Exmouth, Devon Fitting workshop and showroom